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Introduction to Weiqian

Guangzhou Weiqian Computer Technology Co., LTD (Guangzhou Weiqian for short) was established in 2005 and has experienced and witnessed the development of the intelligent production control industry in the Greater China region. As a participant in the development of the industry, it has a high reputation, greater influence and reputation in the industry.

Guangzhou Weiqian is now located in Xinzhuang Industrial Park, a quiet and elegant environment. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of intelligent production and integrating R&D, production and sales. At the same time, it provides assistance to various industries to accelerate their intelligent operation, and is committed to becoming a process monitoring solution provider in the field of smart cities and the Internet of Things.

With the goal of "becoming a globally competitive industrial computer provider", Guangzhou Weiqian has built the company's ARM embedded industrial computers: Android, Linux, and Windows CE three series of products. "Ten years of grinding a sword", the company's products are widely used in industrial automation production, environmental monitoring systems, smart factories, smart warehouses, smart transportation, smart agricultural breeding, smart buildings, instrumentation, medical equipment, power and electrical equipment, computer room monitoring systems Industry 4.0 IoT fields such as smart parking lots. Guangzhou Weiqian takes "professional focus, product innovation, customer first" as its business philosophy, and actively explores the forefront of the development of intelligent control and industrial control, and has a number of invention and application patents. Guangzhou Weiqian shoulders the corporate mission of "accelerating the process of human industrial intelligence", and will continue to uphold the business tenet of "persistent service, pursue employee happiness, and realize industrial intelligence", full of "customer-centric, struggling as the cornerstone, With the core values ​​of "Integrity as the foundation", we will meet new opportunities and challenges, accelerate the development of China's industrial intelligence, and continue to write a new chapter in China!

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