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INTERNET VEHICLES The application of Android industrial panel pc in the Internet of vehicles

there have been a lot of content about the Internet of cars. today, I will make a basic elaboration on this piece for the general readers. at the end, I have a brief introduction to the latest products of the company.

the application of Android industrial panel pc in the Internet of vehicles

there have been a lot of content about the Internet of cars. today, I will make a basic elaboration on this piece for the general readers. at the end, I have a brief introduction to the latest products of the company.

The Internet of vehicles is part of the Internet of Things, which is closely related to our lives

The on-board system does not exist independently of the original electronic system of the car, and it is bound to cross link with the original electronic system.on the surface, in addition to the on-board system, the display screen gradually changes from a mechanical instrument to a dashboard of LCD display screen, which is also the focus of driving information display. the two also begin to have an intersection from the independent existence of each other, and how to choose, integrate and who is in charge and who is from must have a clear logical relationship. Intrinsically, ADAS is another important part of the on-board electronic system. data collection, analysis and processing were done locally before the network was connected, but after the network, it has become part of the big data and cloud platform.

In terms of software integration and pre-integration, Android and Linux have solutions, including the traditional advantages of Wind River operating system VxWorks; on the merge with devices such as the dashboard, the system is more and more small, but at the same time also do not want to because a small problem and cause paralysis of the entire system, the user's application and the core control of the vehicle needs from the function of the software level virtual isolation, so for system design and architecture, response speed and operation speed, also increased a lot;In the driver assistance system, except for such as parking auxiliary
In addition to specific solutions such as assistance and autonomous driving, Wind River can also assist OEMs with safety certification of relevant standards, including ISO 26262 and ASILB-D standards

How to define a software architecture that meets the requirements also becomes the key.Moreover, even in terms of data security, data is value in the products of the Internet of vehicles. car companies basically want to hold on to it, and will not allow a third-party APP to simply take and enjoy it

Car Android industrial panel pc is a kind of vehicle equipment based on intelligent system.due to vehicle base huge, vehicle and equipment required height information technology support, such as: car body itself information, operators and crew of social demand, job information, media and so on all need to have a strong information center for processing, and the particularity of traffic environment to the relatively weak IT products with the contradiction of robustness requirement.

therefore, this is a typical solution that meets the market demand according to the customer's environment and possible problems. according to the use of occasions can be divided into special vehicles Android touch screen and ordinary civil vehicles industrial computer.according to the form can be divided into the central console embedded, bracket tablet, embedded box - type computer

1.Face up to vehicle environment problems

Since the vehicle environment is so special, we need to be specific about its requirements
Convenient installation and maintenance: considering the various vehicle environments, and the coverage is very large, the use of personnel is also very complex. therefore, under certain conditions, it must be as suitable as possible for various sites.Such as support VESA75/100 standard, support RAM bracket and so on.
Seismic requirements: vehicle environment needless to say, no matter any vehicle has vibration generation, according to the use of objects with high acceleration large amplitude, low acceleration small amplitude
Display requirements: due to the outdoor use of the vehicle, can not avoid the sun deflection or even direct exposure environment.the LCD screen is far from meeting the requirements,need to choose high quality display or structural design to minimize the impact of this situation
Power performance: the on-board computer is generally directly from the on-board battery get power, due to the use of various battery states are different, coupled with the ignition and flammout of the instantaneous impact, so the use of equipment with high power requirements. otherwise, it is easy to damage the equipment
temperature requirements: most of our country is in the subtropical and temperate regions, a vast territory, the vehicle temperature environment is extreme, from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius is possible, which is a challenge for vehicle equipment
Electromagnetic interference: the use of special vehicles is not possible only a single electrical equipment, especially police, medical vehicles.Substandard electromagnetic radiation will bring serious interference to other equipment, such as digital radio, medical high-precision physical signs monitoring, etc
Machine heat dissipation: due to sand and dust, fan configuration is generally not recommended for vehicle-mounted machines. It is required to be fully sealed without additional heat dissipation holes under heat dissipation conditions.
IP specification: according to the different working environment, the damage of rain and dust is inevitable. It is necessary for a qualified on-board panel pc to reach or reach a certain IP level
Function keys: with function keys, it can bring great convenience and improve efficiency in unstable interior environment

2.Android industrial panel pc related standards:

Because the standard is not unified, many domestic and foreign brands, do a good job such as Guangzhou Weiqian computer science and technology co., LTD., the following several tests or environmental standards in the car is more common under China's current standards.

3.Market use requirements:

There are many forms of vehicles with various information collection, such as storage forklift truck on-board computer, logistics fleet management computer, police special vehicle computer, bus monitoring information center, medical ambulance assistance and so on.
How can we accurately refine the requirements so that we can deliver on-board solutions?
The applications are diverse, with different built-in programs, but the ultimate direction is the system.the connection between the system and the hardware platform is the closest.Thus, the hardware platform can be determined by the user's program, and then different models can choose different forms.can get the complete machine configuration that accords with gross demand.

4.Production requirements of industrial panel pc :

Vehicle-mounted equipment is of great importance, and stability and reliability are the most basic requirements for equipment.It is not only related to production efficiency, but also has an impact on personal and property safety.therefore, the production requirements of the equipment have certain conditions.
Company scale: wide range of use, need to respond quickly to the nearest service .
Standard production experience: need to be extremely stable, error rate control within 3‰
Batch stable supply: reliable material supply, reliable quality, reliable time. affect the feeling of batch customers.
Continuous research and development capability: independent research and development, update errors.both hardware and software work together to keep up with customer and industry updates.

5. typical applications:

Police vehicle information centre refits, electric forklift on-board computer

7 inchAndroidindustrialPanelPCwithShell-lessModule

Product model:               ● WAR-070C(R)-SN10

Basic parameters:           ● CPU:Quad-core Cortex®-A9 architecture;Frequency 1.4GHz
                                        ● Memory:1GB DDR3
                                        ● Flash:8GB

Display screen:                ● Size:7 inch
                                        ● Resolution:1024×600
                                        ● Wide-temperature type,16000k colors or 24 bit true colors
                                        ● LED backlight:lifetime > 25000 hours

Touch screen:                  ● Capacitance /Resistance touch screen

Hardware interface:         ● 4 channel 3-wire RS-232 serial port(COM1,COM2,COM3,COM4)(Isolation as  optional)
                                        ● 2 channel RS-485 interface(COM1、COM2),multiplexing as RS-232 (COM1、COM2)    (Isolation as optional)
                                        ●  1 channel isolated CAN bus interface. (optional)
                                        ● 1 channel USB Device interface,support ADB connect to PC to exchange data and debug application.
                                        ●2 channel USB Host interface,support usual USB device such as mouse, keyboard, U  disk ,etc.
                                        ●1 channel 100M Ethernet interface.
                                        ● 1 channel SD/MMC slot, support mini SD /MMC card.
                                        ●1 channel 3.5mm earphone output interface.
                                        ● 1 channel speaker interface (built-in power amplifier 8Ω2w )(optional)
                                        ● 1 channel 4G module . (optional)
                                        ● 1 channel WIFI interface .(optional)
                                        ● 1 channel DC12V~24V,industrial power solution,higher reliability.
             Attention :When the serial port is connected, The GND wire of the two devices must be connected to avoid burning the serial chip and affecting communication.
                               OS:   ● Android 4.4.2/Android 5.1
Working environment:     ● power:DC 12V-24V (24V as recommendation)
                                        ● working temperature:-10~60℃    
                                        ● storage temperature:-20~80℃
                                        ● working humidity:10~90%RH
           Size:                     ● No shell
                                        ● Size:188×117×41 (mm)
Application area:             ● industrial control,detection device,instruments and meters,security monitoring,medical apparatus and instruments, intelligent terminals embedded high-end application.
                                        ● Support CAN bus network deployment.
Software support:            ● Support Eclipse、Android Studio、QT Creator、Visual Studio 2015/2017 development,support JAVA/C/C++/C# ,etc .
                                        ● Easy change the user-defined splash screen.

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