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UV Industrial Inkjet Printer --W3000

weiqian UV Industrial Inkjet Printer --W3000.Applicable material:Suitable for osmotic and non-permeable materials,Printing speed:0-100m/min,Printing height:32.4mm ,support multi-nozzle splicing expansion,Highest129.6mm. Nozzle precision:300-1200DPI. Printing content: The system supports printing one-dimensional bar codes, two-dimensional bar codes, drug supervision codes, traceability codes, databases, variable text, pictures, logos, date, time, batch numbers, shifts, and serial numbers. And can flexibly design the layout, content, and printing position.

Print a variety of variable data in real time, including barcodes QR codes, date and time, team numbers, counters, graphs, tables, databases, etc .

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Functional characteristics:    
System:Industrial Android System
Screen:10.1 inch color screen,HD touch screen,What you see is what you get
Nozzle:Imports of industrial Piezoelectric nozzle,Support multi-head and splicing expansion
Ink supply:Intelligent electronically controlled negative pressure ink supply system
Data:Online variable data printing
Maintain:One-key maintenance function
Expand:Non-standard function customization and development
UV Industrial Inkjet Printer --W3000
Nozzle type:Imports of industrial Piezoelectric nozzle
operating system:Android 6.0 system
Printing distance:≤5mm
Operation interface:10.1 inch HD capacitive touch screen
Total power:200W
Input method:Pinyin input method,Handwriting input method
Interface Type:USB2.0,RS232
Supply voltage:AC220V/50HZ
Overall size:Cabinet size:425*300*620
Nozzle size 120*50*315mm
Applicable material:Suitable for osmotic and non-permeable materials
Printing speed:0-100m/min
Printing height:32.4mm ,support multi-nozzle splicing expansion,Highest129.6mm
Nozzle precision:300-1200DPI
Print contents:Text, date, time, pipeline, picture, QR code, 1D code, database
Monitor:Pressure, temperature, ink level
Printing direction:Spray Printing down
Use environment:Temperature10℃-45℃(optimum15℃-32℃), humidity15%-75%
Curing type:LED-UV curing
Machine net weight:25KG
Software expand:Support non-standard function module customization

UV Industrial Inkjet Printer --W3000

UV Industrial Inkjet Printer --W3000

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